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The future of travel will look very different in the coming years!

The future of travel: the latest in travel tech and transportation

20 June 2017

Summer in the Arctic Circle - Norway's Lofoten Islands are an untouched slice of paradise

14 alternative summer holiday destinations to visit in 2017

The circular control room in the abandonded power station, Hungary - styled in an art deco finish

Stay curious: abandoned places around the world

14 June 2017

Win a trip to the sun-soaked region of Languedoc in Southern France

In love with France? WIN a trip to sun-soaked Languedoc!

13 June 2017

Standing tall: Tom Tower of Christ Church in Oxford

Holiday on the road: a 10-day circuit through England’s Midlands

Dazzling dips: 12 hotels with unbelievable swimming pools

A beach all to yourself in Mallorca – Es Trenc

Sun, sea and sand: the best hidden beaches in Europe

Tune in with the rhythms of nature @ SurfAkademin.se

Namaste: 11 peaceful yoga retreats around the world

Start reading: the best travel books to inspire wanderlust

01 June 2017

Zurich's Mythenquai is all about splashing around

Life’s a beach: Europe’s best urban beaches

Make merry into the wee hours of the morning at Roskilde festival's Orange Stage

The best music festivals around the world this summer

Take a break at the MuseumsQuartier before exploring the rest of the Austrian capital

Art on the go: a guide to cycling around Vienna’s masterpieces

Don't worry, Siwa Oasis is just around that sand dune

7 remote places on the edge of the world

Make the most of your next stopover with our tips for connecting flights

How to book the best connecting flights for your next trip

The grand Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Morocco beyond Marrakech: explore the country from north to south

When In Montreal, drop by Mural Festival for an immersive street art experience

10 fun and colourful street art festivals this summer

Wonderful sunset seen from the Trans-Siberian train

The Trans-Siberian Railway: the journey of a lifetime

09 May 2017

Wake up in the middle of the Costa Rican highlands at Finca Rosa Blanca Inn

12 of the world’s most beautiful eco-friendly hotels

08 May 2017

Enjoying the sunset from Trukhaniv Island

All eyes on Kiev! One of Europe’s best kept secrets

Your travel habits say a lot more about you than you think

Which nationality fits your travel persona?

Slovenia's mystical Lake Bled and the Gothic church on its island

14 monumental European attractions — part 2

Sir David Attenborough and his new buddy the meerkat on set of The Life of Mammals in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa

In the footsteps of 7 men and women who inspire courageous travel

Curious about Montpellier? read on for our local's tips for travelling to France's fastest growing city

An understated French pearl: our city guide to Montpellier

Enjoying beach life in Languedoc

A day at the seaside: explore the beaches of Languedoc

The Nan Lian Garden offers a moment of respite in a city famous for its buzz

What to do in Hong Kong for free!

Banff National Park is a true Mecca for hikers of all levels

Unplug and unwind: a guide to hiking in Banff

You do love exploring ...

It’s here! Your most wanted holiday

24 April 2017

Peaceful beach vibes and a bohemian community of travellers await you at Palomi Beach in Colombia

Slow travel Colombia’s Caribbean coast

20 April 2017

The small village of Gásadalur, impressively located on the edge of Vágar island

Why the Faroe Islands belong on your ultimate bucket list

Look up at the 102-meter high Atomium, one of Brussel's monumental spectacles

14 monumental European attractions — part 1

Set your sights on beautiful Key West and explore the other side of the Sunshine State

An epic Florida road trip: not your usual suspects

Explore the culture and history of the Languedoc region in Southern France - here the city of Béziers

Languedoc city breaks: 5 cultural gems in Southern France

The Gorges du Tarn in Cévennes National Park

Into the wild: Languedoc natural heritage, activities and sights

Explore the beauty of Languedoc's vineyards

The taste of Southern France: a guide to the best Languedoc wine tours

Spending a day in the park is one of the Montrealers' favourite activities

A Montrealer’s guide to Montreal