11 reasons why hotels are still the best travel accommodation

You’ve booked your flight, now you’re on the hunt for the perfect accommodation. Should it be a holiday rental, a private room, a bed & breakfast or a hostel? When asked in momondo’s global International Travel Survey*, a majority of respondents picked hotels as their preferred travel accommodation. More precisely, over 50% of respondents from 16 out of 20 countries surveyed, say they prefer hotels when on holiday.

While the various types of accommodation come with advantages and disadvantages, hotels remain a reliable, comfortable and easy option. Not convinced yet? Here are 11 reasons why hotels are still the best travel accommodation around.


No stress to keep your bed tidy when staying at a hotel

Need help finding theatre tickets? A good restaurant? Or a quick ride? Call the reception! They usually know the ins and outs of each neighbourhood, and can swiftly assist you with any kind of request.

No reason to stress about that mobile charger you forgot to pack, or panic if you lock yourself out of the room. Their job is to help you have a stress-free stay.

Worldwide availability

You might be the kind of traveller who likes to be spontaneous and not plan every part of your adventure. The great thing about hotels is that wherever in the world you may be, you can always find one – whether you’re walking the streets of Paris or discovering the hidden gems of Bangkok.

Take comfort in knowing that no matter what your adventure brings, a warm bed is never too far.


Holidays are made for hanging out by the pool

Being on holiday is supposed be a worry free time – no thoughts about daily chores. Hotels provide you with that peace of mind in the form of amenities.

While they can vary from hotel to hotel, amenities typically include housekeeping, in-room toiletries, room service, laundry service, internet access, towels and bed sheets. Hotels will often also include access to recreational facilities, such as swimming pool, fitness centre or spa.

No worries on the horizon – just pure relaxation.

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Dining options

Let others serve the food for a change

When on the road, you might be inclined to skip a meal in order to squeeze in more sightseeing. But not to worry, hotels usually come equipped with the fuel to keep you going.

From complimentary breakfast to room service and fine dining, access to food is easy and comfortable.

Location, location, location

Visiting a new place means learning how to quickly get from A to B. Hotels are generally located in city centres, close to transport hubs and important sights, making them easy to reach from airports.

No need to ask for directions every two minutes or get lost a couple of times. The hotel staff will be able to point you towards important landmarks.

Ease and speed of booking

Last minute change of plans? With current technology, booking a hotel room is easy and speedy – it only requires a few clicks on a screen.

With momondo’s Near Me Tonight app feature, you’ll be able to find an available hotel room near you and book it on the spot. If you’re looking for a hotel in a specific area, with our Draw on Map feature, you can draw any shape on the map, and we’ll show the hotels available in that area. Clever? We think so!


Get out of your room, find the bar and start a conversation

Whether it’s a small boutique hotel or a huge hotel chain, you’re sure to find a bar where you can get a drink and make a new friend.

More and more hotels focus on the social aspect, and since they come complete with various communal spaces, they’ve become venues for cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions.

On your next trip, get out of your room and explore your hotel.

Hotel loyalty programs

In the same vein as flight companies, most big chain hotels offer loyalty programs that allow you to collect points based on the amount of money spent. Once redeemed, the points translate into more comfort without additional costs. Think free room upgrades, spa treatments, dining gift cards, complimentary newspaper delivery, and concert tickets.

Pile on the points!


Hotels cater to all types of travellers

Travelling with your extended family? Hotels make for one of the most accessible travel accommodation, whether you travel with children or a family member with a disability. Their consistency in services and facilities means that they accommodate for travellers of all ages and with various travel needs. The local, on-ground expertise of the staff will prove valuable in moments of trepidation, such calling a doctor or the local authorities.


Hotels generally make it their business to provide safe surroundings for their guests. Hotel security measures vary from country to country, but most will live up to some of the following.

Hotel staff are trained in responding to emergencies and giving first aid. There are surveillance systems and security guards in place to keep strangers at bay. Hotels are also required to comply with fire safety enforcement laws and carry out periodical inspections. Room access via card means no ‘visits’ from uninvited guests.

Nothing beats an ‘uneventful’ holiday.

Ability to splash out

How else would you get this view?

Are you dreaming of living like a celebrity for a night? Choosing hotels over any other type of travel accommodation can make your dream come true. Luxury hotels provide beautiful settings: stunning views, designer amenities, decadent suites, top notch cuisine, and an army of people ready to fulfil any wish you might have.

Add ‘splashing out on a luxury hotel’ to your bucket list – you won’t be sorry you did!

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* momondo has performed a global travel survey every year since 2014. In 2016, momondo asked 29,000 people aged between 18 and 65 from 20 different countries about their travel habits. Data collection took place between the 6th and the 13th of January 2016 through an esurvey via Cint’s panels. In 16 of the countries surveyed, over 50% of respondents mentioned hotels as their preferred travel accommodation. In the other four countries, between 21-47% of respondents picked hotels over any other accommodation form