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Beaches, mountains, forests and deserts, there’s something for everyone in the great outdoors. Get inspired and find your next island-hopping holiday, adrenaline-pumping adventure or legendary road trip

Beach & nature
Hiking round the Lofoten Islands is as much about the journey as it is about the destination

In pictures: experience Norway’s Lofoten Islands

Thomas Flensted

23 January 2018

Rwanda – "land of a thousand hills – boasts breathtaking nature and diverse habitats

Rwanda reborn: touring Africa’s newest sustainability star

Réunion's cirques are reason enough to visit this island

Réunion Island: 10 days immersed in a diverse and rugged beauty

Olivia Burchea

09 January 2018

Take a rail journey and rediscover the romance of travel – for instance with the TranzAlpine across New Zealand

Ticket to ride: great train journeys around the world

Anne Gry Daugård

04 January 2018

Beautiful beaches and excellent surf waves - Ghana is a surfer's paradise

Surfing in Ghana: world-class waves without the crowds

Peter Berg Schmidt

Rhino-keeper Kamara with Kilifi, an orphaned rhino – one among the few remaining Kenyan rhinos at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

A photojournalist with a mission: Ami Vitale on travel photography

Olivia Burchea

Sumba Island is slowly luring travellers away from its famous sibling Bali

Alternative summer holiday destinations to visit in 2018

Red tile roofs and a backdrop of mountains - Kotor is the star of the Montenegrin coast

Montenegro: a mountainous showstopper by the Adriatic Sea

Francesca Masotti

Get yourself heli-skiing this winter!

10 adrenaline-rush activities you need to try this winter

08 November 2017

Sunset over the ski slope in the small, but perfectly ski-friendly Himos ski resort in Finland

The 10 best ski resorts in the Nordics

Chase the Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Canada

Colourful night skies: the best places to see the Northern Lights

A splash of colour awaits the curious voyager in the streets of the small town of Palizada

Off the radar: explore Mexico’s uncharted destinations

Allan Kortbæk

A surprisingly green city, Medellín will keep you busy on a five-day trip

A city reinvented: 5 days in verdant Medellín

Dropping into the backcountry

Ski on a budget: 9 bargain ski destinations that rival the Alps

Lisbon’s famous Belém Tower – the last sight explorers would see before setting off on new adventures

The ultimate Iberian road trip: 10 days cruising Portugal and northern Spain

The Northern Lights dance in the skies above Iceland

Sleep under the Northern Lights: 9 hotels with fantastic vistas

Intrepid hikers can press on from Shkodër to the incredible Albanian Alps in northern Albania

Albania explored: one of Europe’s best kept secrets

02 October 2017

Asia is brimming with wonderful spots for scuba diving ... such as the Okinawa Islands in Japan

Underwater wonderlands: the best scuba diving sites in Asia

28 September 2017

Catch some incredible views in seaside town Mazarrón when passing by from Valéncia to Tabernas Desert

The ultimate Iberian road trip: 10-day cruise from northern Spain to Seville

Experience eccentricities, colour and curious ways in northern Sri Lanka

Paradise found: a journey through northern Sri Lanka

David Rich

Begin your trip in Palolem or the nearby colourful beaches in Goa

India tripping: a cross-country adventure from Goa to Kerala

Hit the road

Tips for the perfect Southwest US road trip

Autumn brings a cool haze to the Tuscan landscape

The best autumn destinations of 2017

Fanny Olhats

Above the clouds – the domes of the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory

The Canary Islands unveiled: beyond the usual suspects – La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera

Olivia Burchea

Fuerteventura – volcanic and epic

The Canary Islands unveiled: an epic journey through Fuerteventura’s volcanic landscapes

Olivia Burchea

Lanzarote provides perfect conditions for sports enthusiasts of all sorts

The Canary Islands unveiled: meet Lanzarote – the sporty, sustainable and fiery sister

Stine Sørensen

Probably the most picturesque of all Gran Canaria's mountain villages, Tejeda

The Canary Islands unveiled: beyond the beaches of Gran Canaria

Stine Sørensen

20 July 2017

Kangaroo Island is home to numerous natural rock formations such as this one in Flinders Chase National Park

8 things to do on Australia’s Kangaroo Island

Allan Kortbæk

17 July 2017

View of Playa de Las Teresitas and the Anaga Mountains

The Canary Islands unveiled: explore Tenerife’s wild side, food and culture

Olivia Burchea

Contemplating the next wave in San Onofre, California

Surf’s up! The best destinations to ride the wave this season

Ponder the meaning of life at Stockholm archipelago, an island paradise just 20 minutes outside of Stockholm

From shore to shore: a 10-day scenic road trip through Sweden

The circular control room in the abandonded power station, Hungary - styled in an art deco finish

Stay curious: abandoned places around the world

Allan Kortbæk

Standing tall: Tom Tower of Christ Church in Oxford

The best of England: a road trip through historic cities and idyllic countryside

A beach all to yourself in Mallorca – Es Trenc

Sun, sea and sand: the best hidden beaches in Europe

Olivia Burchea

Zurich's Mythenquai is all about splashing around

Life’s a beach: Europe’s best urban beaches

Olivia Burchea