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Hotels in Baku
Best value
Studio Apartment in Old City
23 GBP
No. 1 most popular
Excelsior Hotel & Spa Baku
53 GBP
No. 2 most popular
Days Hotel by Wyndham Baku
25 GBP
No. 3 most popular
Caspian Business Hotel
35 GBP
No. 4 most popular
Fairmont Baku - Flame Towers
114 GBP
No. 5 most popular
Boulevard Hotel Baku Autograph Collection
76 GBP
Hotels in Quba
Best value
12 GBP
No. 1 most popular
Quba Palace Hotel
62 GBP
No. 2 most popular
Cennet Bagi Hotel
51 GBP
No. 3 most popular
Shahdag Hotel Guba
41 GBP
No. 4 most popular
Holiday Village
58 GBP
No. 5 most popular
Qechresh Villa Lux
165 GBP

Azerbaijan travel tips

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When is the least expensive time to stay in Azerbaijan?

If you are looking to save money on your hotel room in Azerbaijan, consider visiting the country in February as it is the least expensive month at just 29 GBP per night. Avoid booking a hotel room in May if you are looking for a deal; it is the most expensive month.

Where do most people stay in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is full of enlightening and adventurous cities, but the most popular tourist destination is Baku.

How much does a luxury hotel cost in Azerbaijan?

The average cost per night for a luxury hotel room in Azerbaijan is 164 GBP, 173% higher than the country’s average hotel room. A room in a standard hotel costs 60 GBP per night on average.

Which city in Azerbaijan has the most expensive hotel rooms?

Baku is the most expensive city in Azerbaijan to book a hotel room in. The nightly rate of 271 GBP is 351% more than the average city in Azerbaijan.

Which city in Azerbaijan has the least expensive hotel rooms?

Baku currently offers the lowest nightly rates of any city in Azerbaijan at just 7 GBP; a price that is 88% lower than the average rate per night in Azerbaijan.

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Hotel deals Asia Azerbaijan