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Popular cities in Peloponnese

Below are the average prices for hotels in popular Peloponnese cities
£40 - £60
CHEAPEST CITY IN PELOPONNESE Loutraki 23% cheaper Hotels in Loutraki are the cheapest in Peloponnese at just £39 per night on average.
MOST EXPENSIVE CITY IN PELOPONNESE Costa Navarino 18% more expensive Costa Navarino has the highest priced hotels in Peloponnese with rooms averaging £60 per night.
MOST POPULAR CITY IN PELOPONNESE Kalamata 14% more users visited More momondo users search for hotels in Kalamata than any other city in Peloponnese

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The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino
The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino
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Elite City Resort
Elite City Resort
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Things to do in Peloponnese

Komboloi Museum
Syntagma Square

How much do hotels cost near Komboloi Museum?

There are 12 hotels near Komboloi Museum that have an average price of £64 per night. Hotel prices may shift based on several factors such as time of year. The peak season for this area is September and the peak season price for hotels in the area of Komboloi Museum is £78/night. The low season in this area is December and hotel prices usually cost about £40/night. Hotels near Komboloi Museum are typically 108% higher than the average hotel in Náfplio, which is £59.

Hotels near Komboloi Museum

Are there hotels available near Syntagma Square?

If you're looking for a hotel in Náfplio near Syntagma Square then you're in luck! There are 12 hotels in the area. On average these hotels cost £64/night, but this price varies based on time of year. During the peak season at Syntagma Square (September), you can expect prices of £78/night and during the low season (December), the average price is £40/night. Hotels near Syntagma Square are typically 108% higher than the average hotel in Náfplio, which is £59.

Hotels near Syntagma Square

Popular hotels in Peloponnese

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What is the most popular destination in Peloponnese?

Kalamata is the most commonly searched city in Peloponnese by momondo users. Prices for hotels in Kalamata are typically £111/night. Other popular cities in Peloponnese include Costa Navarino(£332/night) and Loutraki(£88/night).

What is considered a good deal for a hotel in Peloponnese?

Those looking for a good deal on a hotel room in Peloponnese should consider looking at hotels in Porto Cheli, which is generally the cheapest city to stay in. If you are looking to stay elsewhere, a good deal for a hotel in Peloponnese would be any price less than £83/night.

What are the best hotels in Peloponnese?

Based on the ratings from momondo users, the top-rated hotel in Peloponnese is Myrtoo, located in Kyparissi and with an average rating of 98. The second highest-rated hotel in Peloponnese is Mpelleiko, which is found in Stemnitsa and was given an average score of 97 by our users. The third best hotel rating is a 97, which was given to Liodentra in Kardamyli.

Hotel deals Europe Greece Peloponnese