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Keen to spend an active holiday by the ocean and in the sun while travelling to some exotic destinations and meeting cool people on the way? If the answer is yes, you should check out surf holidays with Lapoint who offer not only trips to learn surfing in Europe, but also yoga classes, some of the best kite camps around the world, and even a kitecruise in Egypt.

Whether you want to book a surf camp for adults or looking for surf lessons as a teenager, from Bali to Costa Rica, we have teamed up with Lapoint to show you some of the best camps they have to offer if you want to catch some waves during your holidays.

Best destinations for surfing holidays

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

surfcamp costa rica


Pura Vida is Costa Rica’s way of life and that doesn’t stop when it comes to your surf holidays. The Lapoint surf camp is situated in Santa Teresa, a proper little surf village where the vibe is chilled and shoes are definitely optional. Hang with the locals, make new friends with fellow surfers and explore the stunning nature and wildlife of Costa Rica.

Playa Carmen is one of the regional favourite surfing beaches with ideal conditions to catch some waves all year long while Playa Hermosa has great surfing for beginners — the proper classroom on waves. If you want to test your advanced skills head to La Lora and Suck Rock, two favourite amongst the local surf crowd.

The camp offers packages for all levels — beginners, intermediate, and advanced — and you can stay for one, two or even three weeks. All packages include accommodation in a beautiful villa or bungalows within walking distance from the beach, surf lessons, meals, and yoga classes.

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Canggu, Bali

Surf camp in Bali


Canggu is a favorite amongst tourists and expats in Bali and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the former sleepy village has grown up to become a busy surf town. Luckily it still retains its original Balinese charm with rice paddies, vegan cafes, and some of the best surfing beaches in Bali which draw travellers from all over to catch some waves.

Learn how to surf or compete with some resident wave stars at Echo Beach and Batu Bolong without having to fight over space (and waves) like you would on the beaches of busy Kuta. Lapoint not only organizes the perfect surfing lessons for you but also has yoga classes, social gatherings and day trips to spiritual Ubud or hip Seminyak on offer. You have the choice between dorm beds or double rooms but are always within walking distance to all that Canggu has to offer.

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Taghazout, Morocco

Surf camp in Morocco


Morocco is not only known for its souks, scrumptious cuisine, and desert adventures but also for its beautiful Atlantic coastline. With all that the country has to offer to visitors it comes as no surprise that surf holidays in Morocco not only focus on catching waves but also on cultural experiences. Whether you make friends with a local camel, learn how to cook an authentic tagine or bargain over leather wares and silver in the markets — it is all part of the experience.

In Taghazout you can book a surf camp for beginners or opt for a level 2 course if you can already catch white water waves and are ready for some green waves. Level 3 is perfect to get you accustomed to point and beach breaks, easy reefs, and will also teach you surf etiquette. All levels have a maximum of six surfers to one instructor so that you can be sure to get the most out of your surfing holiday in Morocco.

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Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Surf Camp in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a true all-rounder when it comes to surfing and the beautiful beaches offer something for all skill levels. Start your day with some Sri Lankan hoppers for breakfast before you head to the beach which is within walking distance from the Lapoint camp in Ahangama. The local beach is perfect if you want to learn how to surf and the knowledgable instructors will get you on your board in no time.

Advanced surfers hop on a tuk-tuk, Sri Lanka’s favourite mode of transport, and head to surf “The Rock”. This area is known in the community for having some of the best waves for advanced surfers in the country and is not to be missed.

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Destinations for surfing & kitesurfing holidays

Ericeira, Alentejo & Esposende, Portugal

surf camp in portugal


Portugal is regarded as one of the best surf destinations not only in Europe but in the world. Take a quick flight to Lisbon and you can start your surfing holidays just outside of the city. You can not only feast on the delicious regional cuisine in Portugal but also enjoy a great budget-friendly holiday whether you want to combine surfing with culture or spend all your time in the water.

The best thing about the Lapoint camps in Portugal is that they offer something for surfers and kitesurfers alike. You can choose between camps in Ericeira and Alentejo which are ideal for surfers of all levels or Esponsende which has the best conditions for kitesurfers.

Ericeira is ideal for a holiday from May to November and even offers a special Surf & Yoga package where you can improve your skills on the board and on the mat, two sports which perfectly complement each other. From June to September the surf’s up in Alentejo while Esposende is a true kite mecca for all different riders.

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Hoddevik, Stadlandet & Haukeliseter, Norway

Surf camp in Norway


Norway is the perfect surfing destination for those seeking a very different experience and the weather conditions are the perfect backdrop to learn some serious skills. The unique coastline surrounded by old Viking settlements and steep cliffs offers some amazing waves for all levels. Hoddevik and Stadlandet is home to the two Lapoint surf camps while kitesurfers should head to Haukeliseter for the best wind.

A unique concept is the Surf Youth Camp that Lapoint runs in Norway. This camp is ideal for younger surfers who can learn the basics or improve their skills in the water. You can book a course for level 1, 2 or 3 which offer the perfect challenge for everyone. Accommodation includes girls and boys dormitories and in addition to daily surf classes, there are lots of activities around the house and in the area, perfect to make new surfer friends.

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The best destinations for kitesurfing holidays

Porto Botte, Sardinia

Kite surfing in Sardinia


Sardinia’s beaches regularly top the charts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and that with good reason. Crystal clear, warm water and endless white stretches of sand make for an almost tropical feeling. For those who want to get a bit more active than just lounge in the shallow water for hours on end, Porto Botte offers the perfect kitesurfing conditions thanks to its flat water and constant wind.

Kite Sardegna is the only licensed kite school in Porto Botte which means you will have plenty of space to practice as you only share the water with some resident pink flamingos from the adjacent lagoon. In addition, the rock climbing in Sardinia makes for an extra thrill. This being Italy, gourmets will revel in the home-made cooking by mama Patricia, the matron of the kitchen at the camp.

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Paje, Zanzibar

Kite surf camp in Zanzibar


Zanzibar is not only a paradise destination for honeymooners but also for kitesurfers. Expansive, pristine beaches, warm turquoise water, and steady wind provide the perfect conditions and backdrop for your kitesurfing holiday in Africa.

Paje is the best area on the island and has two wind seasons — the Kaskasi blows from mid-December until the end of February and the Kusi from mid-June to mid-September which makes Zanzibar a great kite destination for over half of the year.

The Lapoint camp is located close to a private beach and offers different sleeping arrangements, a gym, volleyball court, and delicious Swahili cuisine. In addition to kitesurfing lessons, you can explore the area on various tours which include anything from spice trips to forest walks and snorkelling tours.

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Hurghada, Egypt

Kite surf camp in Egypt


Kitesurfing in Egypt with Lapoint is something very special as you can join a kitesurfing cruise here. Egypt has incredibly regular winds making it not only a great diving destination but also perfect for kiters. Start your trip from Hurghada airport before you come boarding a wooden luxury yacht for a unique kitesurfing holiday.

The yacht cruises to desert islands in the Red Sea which provide flat water and long beaches to launch — perfect kitesurfing conditions in the middle of the ocean. You can kite from sunrise to sunset if you like but leave some time to enjoy the beautiful boat, get a massage, work on your tan and eat — mealtimes are a special event thanks to the amazing chef on board.

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Neretva, Croatia

Kitesurfing in Croatia


Croatia remains a favourite among the Mediterranean destinations and holidaymakers flock to the country all year long. Historic cities, island-hopping and unsurpassed hospitality await. June to September doesn’t just call for hot summer days and balmy evenings but kitesurfers rejoice thanks to the Maestral. This warm summer wind coming from the sea and creates the ideal conditions for kiters.

Neretva is considered one of the best kitesurfing spots in the country with safe conditions which are great for beginners or to practice freestyle tricks. The Lapoint camp is located in the village of Komin, only ten minutes from the beach. If you want the ultimate freedom for your kitesurfing holiday book their unspecified accommodation as it allows you to set your own arrival and departure dates.

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