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Travel Restriction Alert

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak may impact travel from United Kingdom to Tonga.
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  • What is the cheapest flight to Tonga?

    The best prices found on momondo for flights to Tonga are:
    £157 per person with Virgin Australia
    £242 per person with Fiji Airways
    £280 per person with Air New Zealand

  • How long is the flight from United Kingdom to Tonga?

    The flight from United Kingdom to Tonga depends on which airports you’re departing from and arriving to, and whether or not you have a layover. If you fly from London Heathrow (a popular airport in United Kingdom) to Nuku‘alofa Fua'Amotu Intl (the most popular airport in Tonga), then the flight time is 29h 50m on average. If you fly from Manchester (another popular airport in United Kingdom) to Nuku‘alofa Fua'Amotu Intl, then the average flight time is .

  • What is the most popular airport in Tonga to fly to?

    According to our data, 94% of momondo users who travelled to Tonga in the last year flew into Nuku‘alofa Fua'Amotu Intl (located in Nuku‘alofa), making it the most popular airport to fly to. There may be other airports in Tonga, but the majority of our users take flights to Nuku‘alofa Fua'Amotu Intl in order to visit Nuku‘alofa and it’s surrounding areas.

  • How much are flights to Tonga?

    The cost to fly to Tonga varies based on a variety of factors, but you can expect to find prices as low as £727 or as high as £1,845. Based on recent airfare data, we’ve found that a ticket to Tonga for £1,068 or less is a good deal, whereas £1,117 is the average cost.

Can I fly to Tonga from United Kingdom right now?

Information is based on travel restrictions from United Kingdom to Tonga

Most visitors from United Kingdom will not be allowed to enter Tonga.

COVID-19 testing requirements
Visitors from United Kingdom must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hours before departing to Tonga.

Quarantine requirements
Visitors from United Kingdom are not required to quarantine after entering Tonga.

Travel Authorization Form - Tongans overseas who wish to register their interest to return to Tonga should fill out this form.

Can I fly back to United Kingdom from Tonga?

Returning to United Kingdom from Tonga

COVID-19 testing requirements
Visitors from Tonga must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken 48 hours before departing to United Kingdom.

Quarantine requirements
Visitors from Tonga are not required to quarantine after entering United Kingdom.

If you are planning to travel to Tonga at this time, it is recommended that you stay up to date on current restrictions and follow proper safety measures while in public.

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DepartingDestinationBest TimeBest Price
LondonNuku‘alofa29h 50m£1,349

Best things to do and see in Tonga

What popular events take place in Tonga?

One of the most famous annual events in Tonga is the Heilala Festival. Since 1980, this event has been celebrated for more than one week, starting on the third or fourth day of July each year. Heilala Festival includes talent shows, singing competitions, and brass band performers. Additionally, the Miss Heilala Beauty Pageant crowns the celebration. You can purchase your ticket before the event day to take advantage of the flight deals during this season. Another top event to celebrate when in Tonga is the Vava’u Blue Water Festival or the Regatta Festival. This event commences on the 29th or 30th of September every year. The event showcases Tonga’s best yacht race, dinners for charity, and other concerts performed by the local school children. Thousands of spectators crowd at this event, and airlines ensure that flights to Tonga are available for this multitude. Tonga National Day is celebrated on the fourth of November each year. This event dates back to 1875, and the island of Tonga continues to celebrate it today. Furthermore, communities in other nations where Tongans have emigrated, such as Australia and New Zealand, also celebrate Tonga Day.

Is Tonga known for specific food/cuisine?

Lu Pulu dish consists of coconut milk, tomatoes, canned corned beef, and onions. Of course, the coconut is locally harvested, but the corned beef comes from New Zealand. The meal is prepared by combining all the ingredients and wrapping them in taro leaves. Next, they fold the fish mixture into banana leaves or foil. Finally, they bake the Lu Pulu in a modern oven or traditional underground oven. You can enjoy a delicious Lu Pulu dish at The Fish Market or Waterfront Lodge and Café. In Tonga, the dish “Ota Ika” tops the list in both local and luxury restaurants. This meal consists of raw fish marinated in fresh coconut cream and a touch of citrus juice. The fish is left to set and later combined with tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, and cucumbers. The best time to sample “Ota Ika” and other traditional dishes is during cultural festivals when locals prepare a variety of dishes.

What can you see and do in Tonga?

International airlines direct their flights to Tonga on the main island. Relax on the beaches and soak up the sun; Tonga is the perfect place for an island getaway. You can explore the Vava’u archipelago lagoon in northern Tonga and swim with the humpback whales between June and November. You can see plenty of marine life during August and September when mother humpbacks and their calves migrate to the shore in large numbers. This island is a natural nursery for calves and a mating zone for male and female whales. Pigs are a common sight in Togo. However, the fishing pig is a sight worth seeing when you tour the beach at Taufo’ou. These pigs eat seaweed and fish and have a fishy taste when cooked. This peaceful island of Tongatapu has been known to the west since 1770 when Captain James Cook named them the “Friendly Islands.” Check out the Talamahu Markets in Nuku’alofa, the country’s capital, on Tongatapu, where you can buy fresh produce and local handicrafts. While you’re near Nuku’alofa, see the Anahulu caves. When you book a tour, you can arrange to swim among the stalactites in the beautiful underground freshwater pool. If hiking is your thing, you can climb Mt Talau in Neiafu on Vava’u for some incredible ocean views. Take advantage of domestic flight deals to move from one island to another.

What passport or visa requirements are there when visiting Tonga?

When travelling to Tonga from the UK, you need to have a British passport that contains at least two blank pages. Your British passport should have a minimum of six months validity from the day you arrive in Tonga. You can obtain your visa at the entry port without any cost. However, you need to confirm this with your airline before your flight to Tonga, in case they don’t permit boarding without a visa. Furthermore, you cannot use your visitor VISA for a business trip.

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London to Nuku‘alofa Flights
Fastest flight time29h 50m
Cheapest price£1,349

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